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Contact the National Mullet Club at

Contact the National Mullet Club at


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The National Mullet Club ('NMC') was founded in 1975 with the aims of promoting interest and efficiency in the sporting capture of the three species of mullet found in British waters, and the conservation of these fish.

Since its inception, the NMC has adopted an enlightened attitude to conservation by encouraging all members to return mullet alive and accepting catch reports on the basis of trust. Commercial sale of mullet is incompatible with genuine recreational sea angling and most definitely with membership of the NMC.

Our aims are simple; to promote grey mullet as a recreational species and to promote fishery management for grey mullet to develop a sustainable, growing stock securing a positive future for all stakeholders, recreational and commercial.

To do this, specific NMC aims are detailed below:

  • to promote interest and help those wishing to recreationally fish for grey mullet of all species
  • to campaign for and support any measures to prevent illegal, unreported and unlicensed fishing
  • to assist authorities with data collection to help manage the mullet fishery
  • to have the grey mullet fishery managed in a sustainable manner reflecting environmental, social and economic benefits of recreational angling
  • to make all forms of commercial fishing licensed and all landings reportable
  • to advocate the practice of catch and release but to respect the rights of anglers to retain fish whilst acting responsibly with regard to both the number of fish retained and their size
  • to seek legislation banning the netting of aggregations
  • to campaign for a MCRS of 47cm, the size at which at which 50% of mullet will be mature and can breed
  • to campaign for and support legislative measures to exclude nets from estuaries and other areas considered nursery areas for mullet and other species

Why the need for conservation?

We at the NMC believe these are special fish. As a recreational species they are enigmatic, a challenge worthy of any angler's attention and fully deserving their reputation as the 'British bonefish'. Mullet take over ten years to mature, live over twenty-five years, and migrate hundreds even thousands of miles returning to their previous haunts year after year. Their lifecycle makes them extremely vulnerable to overfishing; evidence shows this is already happening as commercial and recreational landings shrink and commercial effort increases.

The NMC is proud to be a member of the Angling Trust (AT) and an active participant in their Conservation and Access Group. We encourage our members to also become individual members of the AT and to support their work on behalf of fish and fishing.

As a mullet angler we would ask you to join us in the NMC and enjoy the most challenging species in our waters. As a conservationist, we ask you to support us in securing a prosperous future for grey mullet and everyone who values these vulnerable species.

Benefits of Membership

Our membership is made up of anglers of all abilities, from the very experienced to those yet to catch their first mullet.

The backbone of the NMC is the bi-annual journal 'Grey Ghost', usually produced in Spring and Autumn. The club also regularly distributes newsletters throughout the year, and maintains a regional contact list for the benefit of our members; this enables them to get in touch with each other, to exchange information and to arrange meet-ups, often when they plan on fishing new areas.

The NMC organises 'fish-ins' at locations around the country, offering the chance to pursue mullet in different surroundings in the company of experienced anglers. If you need help, guidance is always at hand in the form of a good local fisherman who should be willing to show you around.

The club awards platinum, gold, silver and bronze certificates as appropriate for particularly noteworthy mullet of any of the three species. Fish are recorded via online forms or report sheets returned to our catch recorder. There are also various trophies for the best fish caught within the different regions and countries during each year, with separate awards for the overall largest specimen of each species, and for the best aggregated catches.

Membership of the NMC can be obtained online, or by posting a completed membership form, together with payment. Cheques should be made payable to 'National Mullet Club'. You can also use the form or access the 'NMC Shop' to order items of clothing, baseball caps, bread sacks and more.


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